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Referenz-Stadium Manaus

Stadium Manaus is a LEED Certified FIFA Football Stadium located in Brazil almost on the equator.

For the purposes of the LEED Certification, several simulation types were required during the design phase. Daylighting simulation, ASHRAE 90.1 App. G (PRM), External / internal CFD together with multi-nodal bulk airflow simulation to prove natural ventilation stradegies. The requirements were from different LEED credits and could make use of the same model.

Due to the size of the project (which at the time included 2 underground parking and auxillary levels), the building was simulated in 3 parts as 3 buildings where the other buildings not currently simulated would still be there to act as shading surfaces.

It was on this project that b.i.g. switched to DesignBuilder to retain the overview on a very complex project.

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